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Me in June 2000 at the Black Country Museum
Me working at the June 2000 Trolleybus Rally at the Black Country Museum.
The bus I'm standing on is Maidstone 56 a Sunbeam with Roe bodywork.

Here's a selection of photos

Taken in 1956 at my grandmother's house, this is me, aged 1, with Mom.
A very early photo of me in front of a tram at the National Tramway Museum in Crich, Derbyshire. This was my very first visit. I decided then, I'd love to have a go, which I finally did on the 9th July 2000. A long wait, but worth it in the end. When was this photo taken? I don't know, but I was only about 14, I think.
Compare that with this photo taken on May Bank holiday 2002. The more eagle-eyed of you will notice that the controller key is in and set to forward. I'm just about to drive the tram back into the depot. You might just about be able to see there's a rope hanging down on the extreme right. This is the trolley rope and as there's no room to turn the pole round inside the depot, we have to drive it in with the trolley being pushed. That calls for careful driving.
A picure taken just after I'd passed my motorcycle test in 1976. Mom is my pillion passenger, the first passenger I'd ever taken.
Me aged 20 in my (then) favourite ex-RAF greatcoat.
My second Gay Pride 1n 1988. I was living in Wednesbury at the time and travelled on the bus to Wolverhampton and then on the train to London, dressed as you see me here. More than one or two jaws dropped as I walked from where we were all sitting to the buffet car.

I've always liked this photo. I've still got the jeans, but they're too tight now.
Another Pride photo. This one from 1989, me with Peter, my first serious relationship.
Taken in July 1993, me and Rod at a friends house in Penn, Wolverhampton. We'd been living together for about 18 months then.
Me (left) on holiday in Gran Canaria in December 1994. Those were the days when I had the confidence (and the body) to go out in a vest! The photo didn't scan very well and the reason my moustache looks rather strange is that it is waxed.

(Left to Right) Me, Stuart, Rod and Dominic.

Me on holiday in Gran Canaria two years later in December 1996. Left, with the famous dunes in the background and below near the Riu Palace Hotel.

A picture of Mom and Dad. Mom died on the 23rd of December 1997. This is the main reason I no longer celebrate Christmas - it's still too painful. Dad died on the 2nd June 2006. I miss them both so much, I feel so alone now.
No particular reason for including this picture other than I like it. It was taken on my trip to Ghent in autumn 2000. I spotted this site opposite the Gravensteen while waiting for a tram back to my hotel. I poked the camera lens through the hoarding as I spotted the chair and thought it might make a good photo.
Taken at the "Trolleysix" event at the Black Country Living Museum. I finally got to drive a London Trolleybus and a very nice vehicle it was to drive as well.

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Background is Wolverhampton trolleybus No 74, a Guy BTX with Guy bodywork, the Black Country Museum in Dudley has No 78, which is identical. It was discovered in a field in Ireland and returned to the museum for restoration.

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